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David, we visit almost every museum we see, but yours had to be the best yet!
Betty & Reg Hillman., Belleville, Ontario.

Capt. Dave, we have long since returned to Ontario, but truly cannot get Prime Berth out of our minds. When someone asks my son, Ben, what was his favourite experience in Newfoundland, he always answers, “Prime Berth!” The memory and the peace I felt on your boat that day is something I will carry with me always.
Stephanie Scott, Ontario.

Prime Berth Twillingate Fishery & Heritage Centre is a private interpretive fishing center and craft studio created by David Boyd as a tribute to his fisher forefathers. David has never forgotten the priceless time spent and the lessons learned in his father's fishing stage. As a matter of fact, towing his father's old fishing stage across the sea to further enrich the priceless treasures of Prime Berth, has been David's latest project.

Prime Berth refers to the age old practice of each spring holding a draw, or lottery of sorts, to determine the place, or "berth" where fishermen would set their cod traps during the coming summer. Everyone hoped and prayed that they would be lucky enough to draw the best spot, or "Prime Berth", as it was called. In David's case this was personal and special as all the fishermen gathered in his father’s kitchen each May for the annual cod trap draw. In honour of this tradition, and as a tribute to proud people so dear to his heart, David decided to call his heritage centre - "Prime Berth"- meaning literally -"the best spot!"

David and his wife Christine, a fisherwoman herself, are both extremely proud of their creation and eager to share their passion and knowledge with visitors.

The Prime Berth is the very first place you'll see as you cross the causeway to Twillingate, and we are confident, the last you'll forget.

For the past 3 years Prime Berth has received the Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor. This year The Prime Berth has been honoured by being named Number 6 in the Top 10 museums in Canada 2015 by TripAdviser. The full article could be found by clicking the link The Telegram. This year also, TripAdvisor has also given Prime Berth The Traveller's Choice Award 2015!'

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