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Atlantic Edge Vacation Home
Hi Capt. Dave,
Thanks again for the fantastic tour of the icebergs. It was an amazing and unforgettable experience for our family. We loved that it was a very personalized excursion.
The Cliff Family, Edmonton, Alberta

Absolutely the best educational experience of our 9 day trip to Newfoundland.
Dr. Clinton Wong, UBC, Vancouver.

Lo and behold, at Prime Berth, we had the opportunity to see, hear, touch and smell the life of the fisher!
Eduard Riegert, Waterloo, Ontario.

  • 100 + year old fish store, net loft,  and fishing stages.
  • see cod liver oil, puncheons, trawl tubs, splitting tables, etc.
  • throw bait over stage head- watch feeding frenzy of piranha like connors.
  • many traps skiff engines beautifully restored
  • cod trap displays,  shrimp dragger models, etc.
  • more  fishing artifacts than anywhere else in NL.
  • self tours or guided tours with Bill or Dave.
  • special “cod splitting show”  most days.
  • unique craft studio, soft serve , drinks , chips and bars.
  • only fully reconstructed sei whale skeleton in canada
  • whale tale building devoted to story of the whale
  • gallery of my pictures and poems
  • seven different buildings to explore and fascinate.
  • "the first place you'll see on Twillingate Islands- the last you'll forget!"